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Lead Level Designer | Dragons Lake
Chief Creative Officer / CCO | Dragons Lake

Andrii Krasavin

Peter Cherkes

Kevin Osgyan

Experienced Level Designer | Dragons Lake

I'm Paul, a passionate Level Designer who studied at The Game Assembly in Stockholm.

My journey began in 2017 when I enrolled in high school, where I studied motion graphics. There, I acquired a solid foundation in 3D art and design, as well as a basic understanding of agile workflows. After graduating in 2020, I took a leap of faith and applied to The Game Assembly. I embarked on a new intensive three-year journey, where I learned how to work with Unreal Engine and also gained experience working cross-disciplinary in an agile workflow.

During my final year of studies, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Dragon's Lake, a prominent studio based in Ukraine. This internship allowed me to contribute to two major AAA projects, further refining my skills and expanding my industry knowledge.

But who am I? As an individual, I'm very down-to-earth, embracing an adventurous spirit and always eager to explore and learn. During summers, I tend to go for hikes, exploring old bunkers, visiting marvelous castles or forts. But during the winter, I'm on the slopes snowboarding at top speed. On normal days, I like to play games, chat with friends, work on a game concept that will never see the light of day, or just sit down and watch a movie. 

I have an innate drive to create exceptional work and deliver immersive experiences. When collaborating with a team, I bring abundant energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the projects at hand.

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Phone: +46 760834003


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