In this project, I set out to create a 1st person action/stealth adventure inspired by Dishonored, set in an Italian setting, therefore, names Isola (Island). The focus was to create a white box experience focusing on branching paths and assassinations. The project mainly includes level design. The goal was to deliver a stealth experience where the player stays in control throughout the level.


  • Developed over 9 weeks half time

  • Engine: TGA2D, LDTK (Editor)

  • Level Design

  • Game Design

  • Set Dresing



I wanted to break the normal loop of platforming and sneaking gameplay by giving the player a teleport ability after clearing the first arc. The teleport ability allows the player to reach further heights and change their approach throughout the level to come.

The ability to platform around with a teleport ability was a task on its own especially controlling where the player can move so they cant break out of the level but at the same time it was a task to make the player feel free and not locked in a box.



I present the player with a couple of dedicated paths

When I set out to create this piece did I first intend to do stealth only, but I quickly changed that and made sure the player could either kill all enemies, skip the majority of the enemies, go stealth or just run through everything and everyone.

Assassination (1).gif


The game loop of platforming and sneaking was a stable ground but I wanted the player to be rewarded and satisfied for utilizing stealth and platforming so I implemented takedowns/assassinations that help the player to take out foes.



Simon Blass

Tomas Granlund

Eric Karlsmyr

Jesper Lundgren

Joel Schultz



Aron Snaer Kristjánsson

Malin Sandred

Isac Selander

Samuel Thorslund

Emily Tillberg

Max-Leonard Rydén

Maximilian Jernberg

Paul Svahn Moore


I have learned a lot during this project, creating a whitebox with stealth gameplay and utilization of the surrounding objects and environment was unfamiliar to me and very fun to explore. However, it was difficult to design the combat encounters and areas when constantly trying to think of fun ways to use your surroundings and place enemies, sometimes patrolling, accordingly. With that said, if I were to spend more time on this project I would revisit some of the combat encounters and refine them. Another thing I would improve given more time is to add more verticality to the different levels of the encampment, as of now it feels more like a plateau.