Your pet is gone again and it is up to you to find him! Move rocks, push ladybugs and re-direct light to create your path in a total of 8 levels with their own unique mind-boggling puzzles.


  • Developed over 6 weeks half time

  • Engine: Unity

  • Level Design

  • Game Design

  • Genre: Mobil Puzzle


LEVEL 1 & 2

These were ironically the latest additions to the project acting as tutorial levels that would be able to teach the player all the base mechanics in the game.

These levels compared to others requires no excessive thinking instead the solutions are all given to the player (linear).

Level 1 is the introduction to how the player can interact with the world and its objects.

Level 2 is the further advancement where the player learns how to direct a  beam 

The levels were necessary to teach the player what to know before jumping into other puzzles. But this addition wasn't a perfect solution.


LEVEL 3 & 4

My two original levels were supposed to be the easiest and least challenging. This is where I introduce the player to the movement of the blocks and laser

With the addition of the tutorial levels, did levels 3 and 4 become somewhat of an easy test that reinforces what the player learned during the tutorial.

Level 3 became the ultimate block-pushing level where a lot of mistakes could be made, and this was my intention so the player would at least once use the rewind feature before the harder levels arrive.


Level 4 was originally the level that worked as an introduction to the laser mechanics that now became more of a thinking puzzle.

These levels became more of showcase puzzles being very basic preparing the player for the harder level design that awaits them.


Since the project was a relatively short one was the time frame for iterations not that big. So meanwhile the programmers worked on the puzzle mechanics did we in level design iterate the puzzle design both on paper and within Minecraft. With no limit of moves was it a task on its own to make sure the levels weren't too long. Thanks to early iterations and prototyping did we manage to deliver 8 levels that used the planned puzzle pieces without having to cut any content.





Erik Bautista

Gevik Shanazari

Natali Arvidsson

Artist Alireza Vaezi

Paul Svahn Moore

Alexandra Kervefors

Goliat Eldh

Anton Liivak

Veronika Wang

Morgan Waern Wickström

Pu Ekstrand

Simon Blass


Kurtis was my second game project at TGA and I believe that this project was one of the most fun ones. With a good scope and group dynamic did we manage to deliver a fun yet good looking game. But if I got the chance to work on this project once more, would I have done some changes.

I would either remake the tutorial and my main levels or remake the levels completely. making more levels that would introduce the mechanics in better integration of the tutorials in separate levels instead of a level aimed at tutoring.

But at the end of the day, I learned a lot especially when it comes to reiterating my ideas and level design.

Thanks for reading.